Sunday, January 6, 2013

House Hunting Nightmares

Well, my blogging thing has totally fallen flat over the past few months, so here I am attempting to pick things back up again. The new year has been really stressful as my house-lease ends on the 15thJan (my sister's family is returning from travel  and they will want their home back)....
so I've been searching frantically for another place to rent.
My housemate J_ is away on holiday, and A_ is one of the most laziest and generally disinterested people I've ever known. Yet I still love him for some reason *sigh. So this means that I've had to organize the house-search alone, although I did manage to get A_ to come to most of the viewings. Problem is, around the area we need to be in, the competition is EXTREME. Every place we looked at had at least 30 couples applying... I felt like crying every time we turned up and the entire block was packed with cars of the people who'd come to apply. I mean there's really no point applying, they are not going to choose young students over a family or full-time workers. gahhhhh

Well we did apply for this place in Hamilton Hill - it's not ideal location wise, bit far from uni. But its still close to Fremantle so we'd be nearby my sister and the kids, which would be great. Also the house is near a lake reserve and also the beach, and the property had a good-size enclosed yard and allowed pets (I'm thinking of adopting a companion dog soon). I think we might actually have been the only current applicants, so I'm PRAYING that we might have a chance for that one - we are supposed to be hearing back from them today.
The other house we applied for is in Como, which is a really great location, but there were soooo many applicants so I really don't think we have much of a chance.

Omg its all so stressful, the house is an absolute mess too, but it feels weird to be packing without an actual place to move too!! I think some divine intervention is required right now.... :P


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